Submittal Packages (By Product)

While submitting our products for different projects you may be involved in, EMS wants to make your product submittal process as seamless as possible. Below, you will find a standard submittal package for each of our products, listed by "product family" type; Click on the product name for each individual product's submittal package. Please contact EMS directly for samples and any additional information you may need. 
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Foam Seal Systems

CSSFoam seal systems are ideal for when you need your project to be both aesthetically pleasing and waterproof.

CSS(H)-Series (Horizontal)
CSS(DS)-Series (Double-Sided)
CST-Series (Traffic Grade)
CST(DS)-Series (Double-Sided Traffic Grade)
                                                             ♦ CSBG-Series (Below Grade)
                                                             ♦ CSPR-Series (Pick Resistant)
                                                             ♦ CS-Series
                                                             ♦ CSCR-Series (Chemically Resistant)
                                                             ♦ BS25-Series (Backer Seal with 25% Movement)
                                                             ♦ BS50-Series (Backer Seal with 50% Movement)

Wing Seal Systems

CR-500 JPEGWing seal systems are designed for horizontal, traffic grade applications where leak stoppage is critical and where there is an expected blockout. All wing seal systems are installed with our Polycrete header and bedding material.


Two-Part Epoxy Systems

JP DrawingTwo-Part Epoxy systems can be used in either tension or compression, with no blockout required, which makes them ideal for pre-cast construction. They are installed with a high-strength two-part, epoxy based adhesive. 


Fire Rated Systems

CST(FR)Our fire rated systems have been tested to ensure compliance with various building design codes; they also carry ratings in compliance with U.L. testing. Whether it be a horizontal or vertical foam seal, a fire blanket or ultra block system, we are sure one of our fire rated expansion joints can suit your needs. 

♦ CSS(2FR/3FR)-V-Series
♦ FB-Series

Pre-Formed Compression Seals

BR in concreteThe pre-formed compression seals have internal webs that continuously exert force against the joint opening walls. These are used in conjunction with a lube adhesive which allows for easy installation. 


Plaza Deck Systems

DDPlaza deck systems include a rail system that is attached to the concrete using our Polycrete header and bedding materials. Seal profiles can be combined with different rails to meet a variety of applications. 


Cover Plates

ALHCPThe ALCP and ALHCP cover plate systems are designed to bridge a joint gap with minimal preparation, for maximum protection. Recommended areas for use include warehouses, manufacturing facilities, retail spaces, and stock rooms, where the finished floor is concrete. Additionally, they are used in architectural applications where the cover plate must provide safe passage over expansion joint voids and must also accent the interior application.


Miscellaneous Systems