EOS Series Seal pictorialSummary and Description:

The Econ-O-Seal (EOS) is made of multi-cellular expanded neoprene rubber. The shape has serrated sidewalls to which the structural two-part epoxy adhesive will bond the seal into place. Our range of various sized seals from one (1) through five (5) inches offers a selection to accommodate the most commonly used movement ranges.

The EOS-Series Expansion Joint Sealing System is used to seal most types of small movement expansion joints in parking structures, stadiums, plazas and other types of concrete structures. Additionally, this seal may be used in the inverted position, as a backer rod to support and seal a caulked joint at a critical location.


Features and Benefits: 

♦ Compatible - The system is adaptable to many applications and can be used with any of EMS’ expansion joint products.
Easy to Install - The seal is packaged in a single length. The Two-Part Epoxy adhesive is delivered in one-unit kits. The mix ratio is 1:1 for ease of mixing and smaller unit batches. Apply adhesive to the seal and joint opening sidewalls and insert the seal.
ADA Compliant System - The EOS System is within the guidelines of ADA when used in conjunction with flat seal caulking.
No Block-Out Recess Required - The EOS system is a solid choice for contractors in the industry for the reason that no block-out recess is required. The seal profile fits between joint interfaces, adapting to slight variances in joint width.




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