UB-Series (Ultra Block)

Summary and Description:

The Ultra Block ® (UB-Series) expansion and construction joint fire stop system, is a pre-engineered, patented, flexible textile fiberglass roll material with a fiberglass matte facing, containing approximately 30% by weight unexpanded vermiculite.

When the UB-Series fire stop is used together with an approved sealant, it will provide a         2-hour, 3-hour, or 4-hour fire rated joint system as designated by design configuration. The system is capable of withstanding +/- 50% expansion and contraction. Most sealant manufacturers in the United States have tested one or more of their sealants in a UL® classified Ultra Block ® system ranging in joint size from 1/2” up to 7”.

Features and Benefits:

♦ Compatible – The system is adaptable to many applications and can be used with most of the EMS expansion joint products.
♦ Easy to Install – Requires no cutting, fitting or fabrication. Simply open the bag, unwind the role, fold in half with the matte side facing outward, compress and slide it into the joint to the required depth. Apply sealant per manufacturer's instructions.
♦ Extensively Tested – Tested to various standards including UBC, BOCA, SBCCI, UL, ASTM & NFPA.


UB Product Data Sheet

UB Installation Instructions

UB Specifications

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