Summary and Description:

The Stainless Steel Architectural Seismic System is designed to cover expansion control openings in structural, high movement joints, when the specification calls for a stainless steel requirement.

Features and Benefits:

SEISMIC TECHNOLOGY: The cover plate stays centered over openings before, during and after a seismic event with the use of the seismic centering bar.
ANTI-SLIP SURFACE: Designed with serrations to create an anti-slip surface.
ADA COMPLIANT: Heavy-duty loading requirements are met while maintaining a smooth ADA compliant transition.


MATERIAL: Type 304 Stainless Steel
MOVEMENT: Thermal (Horizontal/Vertical), Seismic (Lateral Shear)
MOUNTING: Block out
JOINT SIZE: 2" to 24"
LENGTH: 10 linear feet
LOAD: Pedestrian and Light Cart
OPTIONS: Moisture barrier, fire barrier


ESFX Product Data Sheet

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