CSS-Strip Seal DD-HP Summary and Description:

The CSP-Series system is an adjustable high profile joint system primarily used for Plaza Deck applications. This design is adjustable to height variances using the rail design. Adjustments in elevations may be compensated for in the field to match existing conditions allowing for a good fit. Simply anchor the bottom extrusion into place making sure it is plumb and equal distance from the opposing side, place the top extrusion over the aluminum support extrusion, make adjustments to the elevation using the leveling device, match drill though the vertical legs of the extrusions, and bolt the connection using the stainless steel hardware provided.

This system is designed to be used in split slab and plaza deck applications. The continuous foam seal coupled with the waterproofing membrane (provided by others) provide a monolithic seal. The top driving surface has stainless steel formed angles to protect optional extended waterproof wings and sandwich it directly into the aluminum extruded edge rails.

The design of the aluminum edge rail system assures proper alignment and rigidity of the system. The overlap of the top rails at the splice locations bridge the bottom aluminum extrusions which provides the system with stability and uniformity in width of joint opening.

The entire system may be factory fabricated to match various demands of field conditions including vertical and horizontal changes in plane.











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