WM-200 F-F very good detailSummary and Description:

The WM-Series System is an expansion joint product designed for parking garages and open-air structures, as well as buried joint applications, where leak stoppage is critical. The design features an extruded elastomeric membrane, which is fusion-bonded to the concrete deck with Polycrete Elastomeric Concrete. Once installed, the system provides a watertight seal, while flexing in response to fluctuations in joint width.

The WM-Series shapes are an appropriate selection for use where thin topping slabs require a proportionately shallow expansion joint profile. The single-ply membrane installs more easily than other multi-celled shapes that must be compressed and forced down into the joint opening. It should be noted that the WM-Series is not designed to be used in areas where there will be pedestrian traffic because it is not ADA compliant.

A further use for the product is for buried applications where it is extremely important to specify and install a watertight system.

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