CSSummary and Description:

Contour Seal (CS) is a compressible sealer, which can be used in a variety of waterproofing applications. The material has been developed to perform under extreme conditions including seismic and parking structure joints.

An impermeable closed cell foam backer and silicone face act as a dual sealant which provides a watertight seal and an aesthetic, colorized finish superior to silicone or urethane strip seals. The system provides a dustproof, airtight, UV stable, watertight, chemically resistant, soundproof and insulated urethane primary seal.

The foam seal system works under its own constant internal pressure to provide a permanent watertight seal eliminating costly water damage, as well as allowing for a greater degree of joint movement.


Features and Benefits:

♦ Can accomodate rapid rates of joint movement
♦ Made from a monolithic piece of foam that will not delaminate like multi-layer products
♦ Does not rely on the silicone coating or the adhesion of a field applied bead of sealant to provide a watertight seal
♦ Supplied in a compressible state (not pre-compressed)
♦ Provides 50% total movement capabilities (+/- 25%)
♦ Used for joints up to 12" wide
♦ Available in Dow Corning ® 790 and Pecora 890 Colors: Actual Colors may vary. See Dow Corning ® 790 and Pecora 890 Color Chart for exact color match.
♦ Sizes available in 1/4” increments




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