Summary and Description:

The Renovation Seismic Expansion Joint System is designed for renovation building projects where an expansion joint is needed to tie new construction to existing construction. The system is bolted into the existing construction and a block out with back fill is necessary for the new construction.

Features and Benefits:

SEISMIC TECHNOLOGY: The cover plate stays centered over openings before, during and after a seismic event with the use of the seismic centering bar.
ADA COMPLIANT: Heavy-duty loading requirements are met while maintaining a smooth ADA compliant transition.


* 6063-T5 Aluminum, Meets ASTB B221
* 6061-T6 Aluminum, Meets ASTB B209
* 5052-H32 Aluminum, Meets ASTM B209
MOVEMENT: Thermal (Horizontal/Vertical), Seismic (Lateral Shear)
MOUNTING: Block out and surface mount
JOINT SIZE: 1" to 12"
LENGTH: 10 linearĀ feet
LOAD: Pedestrian and Light Cart
OPTIONS: Moisture barrier, fire barrier

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