JP-Series DSBSummary and Description:

The JP-Series system includes an extruded elastomeric profile and a high-strength two-part epoxy-based structural adhesive. When the expansion joint system is inserted into an expansion joint in a substrate, it will seal the opening from the intrusion of water and debris. Its unique design allows the seal to work under compression as well as tension, enabling the structure to shift in all directions as needed.

JP-Series profiles were designed to compete specifically with those seals that claim a movement component in the tension cycle. This seal can be used in parking garages and bridge applications, where normal, as well as vertical movements, are a design parameter. The JP-Series is designed for applications that are required to meet ADA guidelines and provide a smooth walking surface for pedestrians.

The larger size seals (greater than 2 inch) are installed using a vacuum to depressurize and collapse the lower internal chambers, thereby facilitating ease of insertion. After insertion, the vacuum is released and air pressure returns to normal. The stiffener webs of the seal provide constant compression on the adhesive as it cures. This is an improvement over similar seals that use air to inflate the seal, as contractors have difficulty controlling the 20-psi requirement. Excessive air pressure can squeeze the adhesive out of the gap and move the profile out of place.





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