CSBG-Series (Below Grade)


Summary and Description:

The Contour Seal Below Grade (CSBG) is composed of a durable, closed cell ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) foam. It was developed to perform under extreme conditions such as those found in vertical and horizontal applications including parking structure type expansion joints.

The CSBG provides a watertight, dustproof, airtight, UV stable, chemically resistant, soundproof and insulated primary seal. It is a preformed, compressible system that is impermeable to water and when bonded in place provides a watertight seal.

Once the CSBG is installed in the joint, the material adapts to the width of the joint and the irregularities of the substrate, provided such profile changes are not sudden or extreme. It is permanently resilient. The material will expand and contract with the movement of the joint under any weather condition.

Features and Benefits:

♦ Can accommodate rapid rates of joint movement
♦ Made from a monolithic piece of foam that will not delaminate like multi-layer products
♦ Consistent depth of product
♦ Used for joints up to 12” wide
♦ Allows for up to 50% (+25%) movement
♦ Can be permanently bonded to the joint substrate
♦ Not based on asphaltic or bitumastic impregnation
♦ Environmentally safe; no ChloroFluoroCarbons (CFCs)
♦ Sizes available in 1/4” increments






CSBG Product Data Sheet

CSBG Installation Instructions

CSBG Specifications

CSBG Drawings (PDF)

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