Summary and Description:

The DHCP-Series dual hinged cover plates are designed for covering expansion joint openings in high volume pedestrian and vehicular traffic areas.

The DHCP cover plate can accommodate vertical offsets in opposing concrete decks and multi-directional seismic movement. The heavy duty aluminum safety cover incorporates two mechanical hinges with integral rubber nosing pads that flex independently in response to changes in vertical displacement. The cover is anchored to the high side thus providing a safe and smooth transition between uneven concrete surfaces.

Features and Benefits:

Impact Damping - Safety Cover with rubber impact damping nosing pads that flex independently
Vertical Offsets - Accommodates one-inch vertical offsets
Pedestrian and Vehicular Traffic - Ideal for high traffic pedestrian areas, rated for low speed vehicular traffic
Slip Resistant - Heavy-duty convex shaped aluminum cover with raised slip-resistant pattern; integral slip-resistant safety strips
Meets ADA Requirements - The DHCP-Series profiles are engineered to meet ADA guidelines
LEED Credits - One (1) LEED credit depending on the location of the project



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