CSS(DS)-Series (Double Sided)


Summary and Description:

The Double-Sided Contour Seismic Seal (CSS(DS)) is composed of a open micro-cell polyurethane foam impregnated with a hydrophobic, polymer sealing compound, which can be used in a variety of waterproofing applications. These cells continuously push against each other and the sidewalls of an opening to keep out water, moisture, dust, sound and weather, providing a permanent, watertight seal.

The self-adhering material is used in various applications. The system was developed to waterproof most larger vertical and horizontal construction movement joints or joints anticipating seismic movement. Both the top and bottom surfaces of the profile have tough, silicone-exposed faces to match the color of adjoining structures.

The CSS(DS) is typically used in vertical applications or non-pedestrian horizontal applications, along with difficult-to-reach areas, pre-cast panels, isolation joints, window frame closures, and any other opening which requires a resilient, waterproof closure that must also be aesthetically pleasing. Once installed in the joint, the material expands to adapt to the width of the joint and the irregularities of the substrate provided such profile changes are not sudden or extreme.

Features and Benefits:

♦ Can accommodate rapid rates of joint movement
♦ Supplied in pre-compressed state for ease of installation
♦ Two-part epoxy supplied for installation in horizontal applications
♦ Does not rely on the silicone coating or on the adhesion of a field applied bead of sealant to provide a watertight seal
♦ Consistent depth of product
♦ Excellent compression recovery
♦ Permanently elastic and weather-tight
♦ Allows for up to 100% (+50% movement)
♦ Not based on asphaltic or bitumastic impregnation
♦ Available in Dow Corning® 790 and Pecora 890 Colors: Actual Colors may vary. See Dow Corning® 790 and Pecora 890 Color Chart for exact color match.
♦ Sizes available in 1/4” increments



CSS(DS) Product Data Sheet

CSS & CSS(DS) Installation Instructions

CSS(DS) Specifications

CSS(DS) Drawings (PDF)

CSS(DS) Drawings (DWG)