CSPR-Series (Pick Resistant)

CSPRSummary and Description:

The Contour Seal Pick Resistant (CSPR) is a premium quality joint sealant composed of an open micro-cell polyurethane foam impregnated with a hydrophobic polymer sealing compound and a factory applied high durometer polyurethane surface.

The seal was developed to perform in areas where a standard silicone faced sealant is vulnerable to vandalism. When properly installed, the seal provides a watertight, dustproof, airtight, UV stable, chemically resistant, soundproof and insulated primary sealer.

The CSPR material works under its own constant internal pressure to provide a permanent, watertight seal eliminating costly water damage, as well as allowing for a greater degree of joint movement.

Once installed in the joint, the material adapts to the width of the joint and the irregularities of the substrate provided such as profile changes are not sudden or extreme.

Features and Benefits:

♦ Can accommodate rapid rates of joint movement
♦ Permanently conforms to varying joint contours
♦ Made from a monolithic piece of foam that will not delaminate like multi-layer products
♦ Consistent depth of product
♦ Used for joints up to 8” wide
♦ Allows for up to 50% (+/- 25%) movement
♦ Not based on asphaltic or bitumastic impregnation
♦ Environmentally safe; no ChloroFluoroCarbons (CFCs)
♦ Sizes available in 1/4” increments






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