EWJ-Series (Exterior Wall Joint)

The Exterior Wall Vertical Joint (EWJ) system is best suited for vertical expansion joint openings, although it may also run across soffit areas. The design features an elastomeric, primary seal locked into aluminum edge rails to follow the contour of the building structure.

To meet the waterproofing requirements of exterior applications, a double seal system is employed. A condensation barrier seal provides waterproofing protection of the joint opening through all movement conditions.

Features and Benefits:

WEATHER RESISTANT: The combination of the visual seal and moisture barrier ensures the elements are kept outside
CONTINUOUS SIGHT LINE: This system can be used on walls, ceilings and corners to provide seamless and continuous aesthetics


MATERIAL: 6061-T6 Aluminum, Meets ASTM B209
MOVEMENT: Thermal (Horizontal/Vertical); Seismic (Lateral Shear)
MOUNTING: Recessed
JOINT SIZE: 2" to 24"
LENGTH: Continuous
INSTALLATION: Wall or Ceiling
OPTIONS: Additional size and material options available upon request

EWJ Product Data Sheet

EWJ Installation Instructions

EWJ Specifications

EWJ Drawings (PDF)