EWJ-Series (Exterior Wall Joint)

EWJThe Exterior Wall Vertical Joint (EWJ) system is best suited for vertical expansion joint openings, although it may also run across soffit areas. The design features an elastomeric, primary seal locked into aluminum edge rails to follow the contour of the building structure. Joint openings from two to six inches can be accommodated with a single visual seal.

To meet the waterproofing requirements of exterior applications, a double seal system is employed. A condensation barrier seal provides waterproofing protection of the joint opening through all movement conditions.



Features and Benefits:

Custom Colors Available - The primary visual seals are extruded from Santoprene® material. The seal may be custom colored to coordinate with any building’s façade. Standard colors include black, white, tan, and gray.
Ease of Installation - Once the extruded aluminum frames are attached to the walls, the seals easily snap-fit into the frames.
Movement Capabilities - There are two different profile configurations to suit a variety of design applications. The first profile is our smooth seal which utilizes fewer ‘V’s for those who require only 50% movement. Our second profile is our ridge seal which utilizes multiple ‘V’s to achieve 100% movement
Heat Welded, Weather-tight Transitions - Seals can be heat-fused at directional changes to ensure weather-tight junctures. Parapet transitions are factory produced to ensure a continuous weather barrier.









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