Our Mission

We strive for success and we strive for the best. It's our mission. At EMS, our mission is to be the first and best choice
of reputable contractors and A/E firms throughout North America for exterior joint products and services.
Through our excellent customer service and thoroughly tested (and proved) products, we believe that once you try us, you won't leave us. 


About Us

Erie Metal Specialties, Inc. (EMS) was founded in 1986 to provide first-class products and exceptional service to our customers. Through the years, architects, engineers, and contractors have come to expect high quality products, coupled with excellent technical support when working with EMS.OFFICE3

Throughout our history, we have developed products and services to meet the expansion joint needs of the construction industry. Examples include:

♦ COLORABLE Santoprene® seals
♦ Heat spliced seals
♦ Tension/compression seals
♦ Replaceable seal with flat walking surface
♦ Innovative methods for installation of unique applications (circular columns, stairs, below grade).

In addition to our extensive line of products, we provide various services including:

♦ Training and seminars100_0120
♦ Installation support
♦ Seal splicing
♦ Product selection support
♦ Extensive testing (cycle, pull test, compression testing)
♦ Machining, welding, fabrication

Experience our exceptional service and products for yourself. Contact us to put our associates to work for you.

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