Summary and Description:

The Seismic Color Contour Seal is made of preformed compressible material, which can be used in a variety of waterproofing applications. It is made of polyurethane foam that has constant internal forces built into each cell. These cells continuously push against each other and the sidewalls of an opening. Consequently, this force is used to keep out water, moisture, dust, sound, and weather. The product is designed to provide a permanent, watertight seal.

The self-adhering material allows for its use in several different applications. In areas where seismic activity is a consideration, the Contour Seismic Seal (CSS) will respond to multiple, simultaneous movements. The texture of the closed cell material resembles sponge-packing foam. The top surface of the profile has a tough, silicone-exposed face to match the color of adjoining structures.

Typically used in vertical applications, non-pedestrian horizontal applications, along with difficult-to-reach, pre-cast panels, isolation joints, window frame closures, and any other opening which requires resilient, waterproof closure and must be aesthetically pleasing.

Features and Benefits:

♦  Permanently conforms to varying joint contours
♦ Excellent compression recovery due to seismic activity
♦ No thermal-set; material remains resilient and flexible down to -40° F temperatures.
♦ Ease of installation - Simply clean surface, peel off the protective tape and press into place.
♦ EMS provides a ten-year warranty allowing for replacement of the material if product failure should occur.
♦ Double the protection: The CSS material has twice the movement capabilities (+/- 50%) of the standard Contour Seal (CS) system.
♦ Available in Dow Corning ® 790 and Pecora 890 Colors: Actual Colors may vary. See Dow Corning ® 790 and Pecora 890 Color Chart for exact color match.
♦ Sizes available in 1/4” increments

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CSS Product Data Sheet

CSS & CSS(DS) Installation Instructions

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