Summary and Description:

This basic Elastomeric Twin Seal System offers two rubber seals to allow for more thermal joint movement. Designed for use on floors and walls, the aluminum slide plate accepts flooring or wall infill to seamlessly coordinate with the surrounding environment.

Features and Benefits:

COORDINATING CORNERS: Available with corner option for a complete floor and wall solution.
COORDINATION: Designed for both horizontal and vertical applications, this system provides a continuous coordinated look and feel.
COMPLEMENTARY SEAL COLORS: Available in four elastomeric seal color options: beige, white, gray, or black.


MATERIAL: 6063-T6 Aluminum
FINISH: Mill and rubber seals
MOVEMENT: Thermal (Horizontal/Vertical)
JOINT SIZE: 2" to 6"
LENGTH: 10 linear feet
LOAD: Pedestrian and Light Cart
INSTALLATION: Floor or wall
OPTIONS: Seal color, infill plate, moisture barrier, fire barrier


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