Summary and Description:

The Seismic Elastomeric Twin Seal System, as its name implies, offers protection of expansion joints in a seismic event. Constructed of two rubber seals and an aluminum slide plate that accepts floor/wall infill, this system allows for multi-directional movement with a seismic centering bar.

Features and Benefits:

ROBUST SYSTEM: Engineered with a seismic centering bar and two rubber seals with impact and movement in mind.
COMPLEMENTARY DESIGN: The aluminum slide plate is designed with a recessed channel to allow floor/wall infill for seamless design.


MATERIAL: 6063-T6 Aluminum with Rubber Seal
MOVEMENT: Thermal (Horizontal/Vertical), Seismic (Lateral Shear)
MOUNTING: Blockout
JOINT SIZE: 2" to 24"
LENGTH: 10 linear feet
LOAD: Pedestrian and Light Cart
INSTALLATION: Floor or wall
OPTIONS: Seal color, infill plate, moisture barrier, fire barrier

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