CR (NC) seal

Summary and Description:

The Polycrete CR-Series Membrane System is designed for parking decks and open-air structures. It features a preformed, elastomeric membrane, which is fusion-bonded to the concrete deck with Polycrete Elastomeric Concrete. Once installed, this system provides a watertight seal while flexing in response to fluctuations in joint width.

There are several sizes in the CR-Series group to accommodate different joint opening and movement capabilities.

The membrane incorporates a center section with a heavy-duty web structure and integral edge flaps with factory punched holes. The Polycrete penetrates the holes to secure the membrane to the base of the concrete block out. The center web configuration is precisely located to exert a continuous and uniform horizontal force against the joint walls.

The CR-Series shapes are specifically designed for applications where maintaining a smooth walking surface is important. A series of grooves across the top surface of the cross-section allows the seals to provide a virtually constant level surface during cyclic action.




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