Polycrete 2020 Bedding Material

Polycrete 2020Summary and Description:

Polycrete 2020 is an adhesive paste used in conjunction with our Polycrete 1600 nosing material. It is engineered for use as bedding material designed to securely attach the wings of the expansion joint seal to the substrate during the installation process. The Polycrete 1600 nosing material is then installed on top of the 2020 application while both components are “wet.”

The Polycrete 2020 bedding material is unique because is not merely a primer for the header material, but it is a gel material that will hold the wings in place during installation (to avoid “floating wings”) and fill in any voids or bug holes (up to 1/4” inch deep and 1” in diameter) in the substrate.  Once the wings of the seal are imbedded in the Polycrete 2020, you have an essentially waterproof system.”

The Polycrete system outperforms traditional materials such as concrete, epoxies and asphalt. These materials have historically shown breakdown due to cracking and have allowed moisture and salts to penetrate the concrete surrounding the expansion joint system. If moisture and salt travel down through the joint opening to the structure’s support members, it may cause premature deterioration of those members.

The Polycrete System has a track record of excellent performance. They are used to anchor our extensive line of expansion joint products, including applications with the CRSeries, DW-Series, and WM-Series winged seals, as well as our plaza deck systems. 


Features and Benefits:

Ideal for Rehabilitation Work – The Polycrete system, used with our membrane, quickly replaces urethane wide joint products with little or no modification to the existing recess.

Unique Bedding System – The Polycrete 2020 is designed to hold the wings in place during installation while simultaneously filling any voids or bug holes in the substrate.

Performance Acknowledged by Prime Specifiers – Major specifiers throughout North America include Polycrete as a primary item for parking deck joint work.

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Polycrete 2020 Product Data Sheet

Polycrete 2020 Physical Properties