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As anyone who has worked with exterior expansion joints knows, there is no such thing as a “simple” project.  Although the products we provide are always of the same, consistent high quality, we understand that the projects where they are used are more like “snowflakes” – no two projects are ever the same.  Whether it is new build or restoration work, each project is distinct, with its own set of unique issues and challenges.  That is why we believe that the support and services available to our customers must be the same consistent high quality as our products.  But, more importantly, they must meet your particular needs for the project(s) you are involved with, in order to provide value for you.  A sampling of the support and services we offer are listed below.  Contact us to discuss your unique requirements and to see how we can make your job easier.


Installation Support
Training and Seminars
Product Selection Support
Material Splicing
Product Testing
Fabrication Support


Installation Support

Proper installation of expansion joint systems is crucial for the product to function properly throughout its life-cycle.  Installation Preparation
The installation process essentially begins before the materials arrive at the job site. Preparation of the joint opening
and surrounding materials is critical to the performance of EVERY manufacturer’s expansion joint system.  That is why we
believe very strongly that installation training needs to be conducted on-site where real-world problems and issues will
be encountered; not in a classroom setting where somewhat artificial “perfect” conditions are provided.  In addition, when
the training is provided on-site, the people who are actually installing the material are the ones being trained.


InstallationAs part of our mission “to be the first and best choice for reputable contractors . . .” we want to make sure your crews are not only comfortable with the installation process, but that they are also confident the materials have been installed correctly.  We know that they take great pride in their work, and do not want to return to the jobsite in the future to repair or replace the expansion joint materials.  That is why one of our highly skilled associates travels to the site to provide instruction, direction, and training.  Working together, we can assure that the materials will provide value to the owner for years to come.  Contact us to learn more about how we can make your on-site installation easier.




Training and Seminars

Classroom Training

Although we strongly believe that on-site training is the best option, we understand that this is not always practical or feasible.  Scheduling conflicts, availability of key personnel, and time constraints are just a few of the reasons that classroom training may be a better alternative for some companies.  That is why we also offer classroom-style training.  These hands-on sessions are designed to give your crews the opportunity to learn about proper installation techniques in a more controlled environment.  To make your job easier (and cut down on your training expenses), we will travel to your facilities, bringing all of the tools, materials, etc. with us, to provide a first-class training experienceContact us to learn more about how we can make your expansion joint installation training easier.


In addition to hands-on training, we offer lunch and learn presentations for professional learning unit credits, and training seminars on a variety of subjects related to exterior expansion joints.  Some of the topics available include:

Presentation♦ So Many Expansion Joints, So Little Time
(Expansion Joint Selection)

♦ Helping Turn (Expansion Joint) Haters into Believers
(Avoiding Potential Issues with Expansion Joint Systems)

♦ Loving Care = Longer (Expansion Joint) Life
(Proper Care and Maintenance of Expansion Joints)

♦ Why Warranties Fail
(How to Specify the Correct Warranty for Expansion Joints)

♦ Expansion Joint Support Group
(Why You Need Support from Manufacturers and How to Get It)

The sessions are designed to be interactive discussions with participation and feedback from attendees to solve your problems and issues with exterior expansion joint systems.  Contact us to schedule a seminar designed to make solving your problems easier.



Product Selection Support


With so many different types of exterior expansion joints available, and the wide array of unique project applications, how do you know which product will work best for your application?  The answer may be simpler than you think – ask us!  For over 30 years, we have been providing high quality products and technical expertise to the construction industry.  We may not know all of the details of your particular project, but we KNOW expansion joints.  And, we know how to work with you to determine the product that will work best for your specific application.  Put our years of experience to work for you.  Contact us to use our expertise to make your expansion joint product selection easier.



Material Splicing

Column TOne of the most challenging (and troublesome) aspects of exterior expansion joints is transitions.  When an expansion joint runs in a straight line, the installation is straightforward.  However, structures have various elevations, columns, walls, stair towers, elevators, and other assemblies that require the expansion joint material to change direction.  It is these directional changes, or transitions, that have the most potential to become a “leak point”.


To accommodate these transitions, the material must be spliced (using heat, glue, epoxy, or silicone, depending on the product).  The process for splicing involves correct (accurate)Splicing measurement of the area where the splice is located, precise cutting and preparation of the material, specific forms to hold the material, proper equipment for the splice, and a skill set involving precision and patience.  For this reason, many specifications require “factory splices” for the project.  This means that the splice(s) must be completed by the manufacturer, at their facilities, by someone proficient in the “art” of splicing.  We have extensive experience with “factory splices” and can provide high quality transitions made at our facilities by our skilled technicians.


However, “factory splices” are only part of the story.  Once these splices are sent to the job site, they have to be “field spliced” into the longer runs of material.  These “field splices” become another potential leak point.  We understand how challenging field splicing can be.  It is critical that the “field splice” be completed by someone proficient in the “art” of splicing using the proper tools.  To help make this easier, we offer splice kits that include the tools, materials, and detailed instructions required to complete a splice in the field.  If needed, on-site or classroom training in the finer points of splicing is also available.  Contact us to find out about the tools and training available to make splicing easier.


Product Testing

CR- testing

How do you know if the product being installed meets or exceeds its published specifications?  The only way to know for sure is through physical testing by an accredited laboratory.  All of the products we offer have undergone rigorous testing by accredited test laboratories to various industry standards (such as ASTM and UL).  In addition, in-house testing capabilities allow us to conduct periodic quality assurance testing.


expansion_joint_testing1But, how do you know if a product will work in your unique application?  Again, the answer is testing.  Through our relationship with a world-renowned testing company, we have the ability to simulate unique real-world conditions in a controlled laboratory setting.  This capability has been utilized to provide assurances to owners, engineers, and contractors that the material specified for their unique application will work, not just in theory, but in practice Contact us to find out how our testing capabilities can help make meeting your real-world challenges easier.



Fabrication Support

weldingProviding the services outlined above requires more than just warehouse and office space.  In order to fully support our customers’ needs, we also have direct access to fabrication capabilities including a machine shop with CAD CAM CNC capabilities and a fabrication shop staffed with highly skilled welder-fabricators.  Although these capabilities are not required on a daily basis, having them available allows us to respond to the unique needs of our customers when necessary.  Contact us to learn more about how our machining and fabrication capabilities can assist you with making your “out of the ordinary” requirements easier to handle.


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