BS25 Multiple Rolls

Summary and Description:

The BS25-Series Foam Seal is composed of a high density, open micro-cell polyurethane foam impregnated with a hydrophobic, flame retardant, modified acrylic. The seal provides a waterproof, dustproof, airtight, UV stable, chemically resistant, soundproof, and insulated urethane primary seal.

The seal is designed to work under its own constant internal pressure to provide a permanent, watertight seal eliminating costly water damage, as well as allowing for a greater degree of joint movement.

Once the BS25 seal is installed in the joint, the material expands (depending on the temperature) adapting to the width of the joint and the irregularities of the substrate provided such profile changes are not sudden or extreme.

Features and Benefits:

♦ Can accommodate rapid rates of joint movement
♦ Excellent compression recovery
♦ Permanently elastic and weather-tight
♦ Resists stretching and twisting during installation due to the Polyester scrim in the PSA (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive)
♦ Available in varying depths per size (contact manufacturer for more information)
♦ Allows for up to 50% (+/- 25%) movement
♦ Consistent depth of product
♦ Not based on asphaltic or bitumastic impregnation
♦ Paintable with water-based paints
♦ Available in multiple colors - contact EMS for color chart
♦ Sizes available in 1/4” increments





BS25 Product Data Sheet

BS25 Installation Instructions

BS25 Specifications

BS25 Drawings (PDF)

BS25 Drawings (DWG)