FB-Series (Fire Blanket)

Image1Summary and Description:

The FB Fire Barrier system, has been tested to ensure compliance with various building design codes. The product carries ratings in compliance with U.L. testing as well as ISO Certification schedule for a two-hour rating.

FB system is made from materials that retard the progress of flame and smoke. This system breaks the chain of the Fire Tetrahedron - i.e., the components necessary for a fire by removing the combustible products needed to support flame.

A significant advantage of this system over others is that the FB system has the ability to protect the application with a 50% lateral shear capacity.

Rolls of the product are accompanied by galvanized, bent metal flanges, which securely anchor the stainless steel and ceramic fiber fire blanket package.

Features and Benefits:

♦ Compatible – The system is adaptable to many applications and can be used with most of the EMS expansion joint products.
♦ Easy to Install – The materials are packaged in a single unit, facilitating ease in placement.
♦ Shear Capabilities – 50% expansion, contraction, and parallel, lateral shear movement capabilities is standard at no additional cost.
♦ Rated System – Underwriters Laboratories and ISO have certified this product for a two-hour rating.





FB Product Data Sheet

FB Installation Instructions

FB Specifications

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